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About eZad

First of its kind

eZad is an easy and secure virtual marketplace that connects wholesale buyers and sellers of dates. This electronic platform enables you to buy and sell wide range of dates wherever you are with a few clicks.

Our aspiration is to make the dates trading more convenient and at optimum prices.

eZad is an electronic auction platform. A deal will take place only if it’s convenient for both seller and buyer, hence the price is always fair and reliable.

New sales channel

If you are a date farmer, through eZad you can have a direct and unlimited access to registered dates buyers worldwide.

Register on eZad.ae, bring your dates to your designated receiving center for quality certification and get the best price with hassle-free payments.

One-stop sourcing

If you are a date seller, you can have unlimited access to choose and buy wide range of dates that satisfy your needs. You can rely on their quality check process, just search for dates certified as per the Al Foah Company’s industry standard.

We can store, package, load and deliver the dates to your warehouse, while you are tracking the process on your mobile.