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If you’re a date farmer, we invite you to do better business and get the best out of your harvest every year with eZad.
Welcome to eZad - the world’s first virtual marketplace that is dedicated to date, our simple platform allows you to sell your dates to buyers online across the globe, gluing you more control of pricing, payments and paperwork.
Become a seller
  • Click on Become a Seller or Register

  • Fill in your information.

    Note: If you are a UAE farmer, you will be asked for your Al Foah Farmer ID Number, NR Number and Emirates National ID Number at this stage.

    Not registered with Al Foah?

    If you are a KSA seller, enter your ID Number. If you are a seller in Jordan, simply get in touch with Palmera (+962 78 1212135, +962 6 5335558). They will help you.

  • Verify your membership. A code will be sent to your mobile phone.

  • You will be notified once your account is validated and activated by our customer service.

  • Start selling your dates on eZad It’s really as easy as that.

Why eZad?
How eZad works
how eZad works
eZad connects sellers and buyers through an easy-to-use online auction platform…
How eZad works
you’ve got control
Once you’re registered. Get your dates to any of our partners and receiving centers and get them certified. Then, it’s as easy as: Setting your pricing, listing your lots, and letting buyers compete in online auctions for your produce.
 eZad paperless registration
no paperwork needed
eZad does everything online. So you can view all your invoices, receipts and transaction details in one digital place. No need for signatures and printed copies.
 eZad paperless registration
we’ve streamlined payments
eZad administers your payments, giving you more peace of mind… Get paid fairly and on time, every time.
 eZad help icon
your virtual assistant
Co-ordinate meetings and appointments via the eZad app. Be notified of upcoming auctions and track all your live auctions in real time. eZad has been designed to make the business of dates easier.
 eZad help icon
global buyers
As a global date authority, buyers from across the world look to us to supply them with quality dates.
eZad dates sell more icon
certified sells more
Only the highest-quality dates are traded on eZad. Our gold standard certification ensures buyers get the best, and you get the best prices for your quality dates.
eZad dates sell more icon

eZad is the world’s first virtual platform that is dedicated to dates. We connect sellers and farmers with buyers from all over the world using a simple online platform.
  • It's an additional sales channel for you to sell your dates.
  • Reach more buyers across the world.
  • Competitive pricing – get good returns for good dates!
  • Trade dates from anywhere in the UAE, KSA, or Jordan on our online platform.
  • Get support and assistance when you need it.
  • Benefit from workshops, events and industry news.
  • Get paid on time, every time.
  • No paperwork and less hassle.
Registration is all done online. Register with eZad now
All date farmers and traders in UAE, KSA, Jordan are eligible to register with eZad.
Please get in touch with our dedicated Customer Service team at +971 600 587 232. They will help guide you through the process.
The eZad platform requires that our sellers are professional, have a certain level of resources in place and are able to meet our certification standards.
We accept the following date types:

Fard, Black Lulu, Khneizi, Khallas, Dabbas, Boumaan, Barhi, Shishi, Sultana, Nghal, Jibri, Nbetseif, Sighee, Maktoomy, Medjoul, Anbarat al Madeena, Mabroum, Royal, Ajwa, Anbara, Sagei, Sukkary, Safawi, Sukkary, Raziz, Khalas, Khudri, Barhi.

18 crates of a single variety in UAE. 250 kg in Jordan and KSA.

For UAE sellers, the eZad platform allows you to schedule appointments right on the app: eZad appointments

For Jordan farmers and traders: Contact our partners: +962 78 1212145.

For KSA farmers and traders: Contact our partners: Al Medinah: +96656 784 2945; Al Ahsa: +96650 1511287

Yes, eZad’s partners use a standard set of criteria to certify your dates.
During the course of one season, you have the option to take back your lots once only. If this happens more than once, you will unfortunately be blacklisted on the eZad platform.
No, our Receiving Centre has a photo booth and our staff are trained to take and upload high quality pictures before each lot is listed.

The auction is live for 48 hours and available for registered buyers to bid on the auction. The bids will be either matching your minimum selling price or be higher.

Once the 48 hours are complete, your dates will become the property of the highest bidder provided they pay within the deadline.

In case the buyer fails to make the necessary payments, your lots would be relisted for free on the eZad platform.

You can visit your dashboard on the eZad platform to track and manage your current auctions: My Auctions
You have 24 hours from listing to add the minimum price you want for your lot on the eZad platform.
Featured listings have priority over other listings and appear on the top of our auction pages. This helps increase visibility of your lots and can help in attracting the buyers to the auction.
48 hours.
If an auction fails, you have two options:
  • Relist the auction again (max once)
  • Collect your lots from the eZad warehouse (An appointment needs to be made for collection)
Call our Customer Service and make an appointment to pick up your dates. The dates will only be released once all necessary payments have been completed.
All eZad charges are transparent and listed on the platform for anyone to view. As a seller, you are required to pay:
  • Certification fees.
  • Listing fees (note: Listing fees are waived for the 2021 season only).
  • Transaction fees of 5% (reduced to 3% for the 2021 season only).
  • Storage fees, if applicable.
Absolutely not. You only pay when your dates are sold or you come and pick up the dates from the eZad warehouse.
eZad will run promotions from time to time. Register today to be the first to know about these promotions: Register with eZad now
Payment takes a maximum of 14 working days.