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Buyers – want access to the world’s top quality dates, with less hassle, no travel and no paperwork? Then sign up on eZad today…
Welcome to eZad, the first purely digital platform that deals only in dates – connecting farmers and buyers across the globe through simple online auctions. Now you can buy the highest quality dates wherever you are, with just a few easy clicks.
become a buyer
  • Click on become a buyer or register

  • Create your eZad account.

    You will be asked for personal information and to upload a copy of a valid trade license.

  • Add funds to your wallet.

    In order to start bidding, you’ll need to add funds to your wallet. You can do this via a credit card or bank transfer.

why eZad?
end-to-end supply chain
As a buyer, eZad offers you a full value chain solution – from auctions, quality certification and payments to washing, packaging, warehousing and distribution. Everything is administered on our digital platform, with no paperwork and a lot less hassle.
How eZad works
world class dates
We know you rely on consistent quality. That’s why all dates on our platform go through a rigorous globally-recognised certification process. We have a transparent certification process which ensures you get what you see.
verify your purchases
With the eZad platform, you get to verify your dates visually with high quality images and footage. That ensures you know you’re getting what you’ve paid for.
delivered to anywhere
As part of our services, we can deliver your purchased lots to wherever you are in the world. It’s simple, fast and is one less thing for you to worry about.
 eZad date washing icon
value added services
We offer a range of Value-Added Services to expedite your purchases and make them easier. From fumigation, washing and warehousing to packaging and distribution, we’re a one-stop date solution.
 eZad date washing icon
multilingual customer service
As an eZad buyer, you can be located anywhere on earth. And our Customer Service is always ready to support you at the click of a button.
 eZad date wallet
easier with wallet
The eZad platform includes an wallet, allowing you to load funds directly onto the platform. You can then bid for auctions using these funds without the need for bank transfers during the auction.
  • Bidding amount will be 5 x your wallet balance.
  • After you bid, 20% of the bid amount will be reserved in your wallet. As soon as someone places a higher bid, your reserved amount will be released back into your wallet in real time.
 eZad date wallet
know before buying
Every lot listed on eZad comes with a variety of information that you can use to make informed decisions before you bid – date type, origin, quality level, quantities, price etc…
simple payment options
If your bid wins your auction, it’s easy to pay for your lots. We accept Visa and Mastercard payments, as well as bank transfers. Value added services can also be paid via these channels.

how eZad auctions work
  • Farmers create auction listings online via certified receiving centres (where our rigorous certification of dates is carried out).

  • Auctions have specific start and end dates and are live for 48 hours only.

  • As a buyer, you can search and filter auctions based on your preferences (price, date type, quality etc).

  • You place your bid on the eZad platform.

  • If you win the auction, you can collect your dates from our warehouses, or select delivery and any of our value added services.

value added services

eZad is a global B2B eAuction marketplace for dates, from which buyers can purchase directly from sellers from around the world.
1) Access to sellers from UAE
2) Competitive pricing
3) Quality Guaranteed
4) Physical inspection of lots during the season (in 4 receiving centers: Al Saad – Bu Kryah – Seih Al Khier – Al Dheed)
5) Transact from your fingertips and no need to travel
6) Hassle & error-free delivery guaranteed
eZad has a gold standard certification program. It is a globally accepted certification for date quality, which we have developed in collaboration with top date exporters from across the world. Our certification of each lot includes the average weight per date after assessing a random sample of all dates received. We also assess peeling, infestation, and mold and these are also included in the certification.
We adhere to individual country standards, following the governing rules of that country.
All kinds of dates produced in the UAE will be available on eZad in effective 2021.
Our auctions will be starting from 18 crates per lot (1 crate average 18 KG depending on the palm date type and size); however, we strongly recommend aggregating at least one container to save on freight shipping.Please note while you are waiting to aggregate the remaining full quantity for a container there may be storage charges incurred during this period.
All registered and non-registered farmers, home farmers and VIP farmers, retailers, and traders in the UAE can list their produce on eZad after it’s being certified.
Yes. Any registered company (manufacturer, trader, retailer, wholesaler) across the world can purchase from eZad.
To ensure a great experience for buyers we offer services including fumigation, washing, packaging, handling (farm quality), storage, and delivery.
Buyers are required to add funds to their wallets to be able to bid in an auction. The amount available in wallet will have a multiplier of 5 for bidding in an auction. Example: With 100 dollars in their wallet, a buyer can bid up to 500 dollars.
Each auction is active for a period of 6hours.During that time buyers will be bidding on the listed lot(s).After the end of the auction the highest bidder wins and has 5 days to complete the payment.
You can bid any number of times until the auction time is up, at which point the highest bidder will win the auction.
Buyers have 5 days to complete payment for eZad to successfully transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. If winning buyers do not complete the payment, they will forfeit 20% of the value of the auction, which will be debited from their wallet
Physical inspection is a seasonal feature eZad offers its buyers during the harvesting season in UAE. Lots are certified and listed online.Buyers can visit eZad receiving centers in UAE (Al Saad – Bu Kryah – Seih Al Khier – Al Dheed) and inspect the listed lots on ground before bidding. Bidding happens online and follows the standard selling process.
A transaction fee is charged for all transactions on eZad.
You can add money via credit card or bank transfers.
By credit card or bank transfers.
After paying full payment, winning buyers can checkout successful auctions and select one of the available Value-Added Services, then can chose to collect from eZad main facility Al Saad, Al Ain, UAE or buyers can ask eZad to ship directly to the desired destination.
There are absolutely no limitations as to where the dates can be exported.
Yes. eZad Customer Service agents will combine all your produce from your successful auctions into one container for seamless and hassle-free delivery. A storage fee of 5 AED/ton per day might occur.
Yes, eZad customer service agents can assist with the required export documents, certificates, and lab tests upon buyer’s request.It’s advised to request the required docs/certificates/lab tests at least 5 business days before collecting the successful auction.
Should your purchase be incomplete or wrong, our Investigation Panel will carry out an assessment and will replace or refund as necessary.
eZad undertakes all the globally accepted precautionary measures